Top 5 Ways People Break Their Phone

Nowadays, our phones are not simply a means of communication, they are our lifeline. Carrying them everywhere, faces fixed on the screen, it can become quite easy for mishaps to happen and our favourite technological possession is damaged beyond repair. Have you ever cracked your phone before? If you answered the question with a nod, know that you are not alone. Many people report breaking their phones, some in the oddest of ways. Here are the top 5 interesting and sometimes even comical ways of smashing a phone.
Dropping it on the floor
Many people have done this, including the writer of this blog. Have you ever purchased a new phone and, while waiting for the case, actually dropped it on the floor, watching the screen shatter? You’re not alone, my friend.
Water damage outdoors or dropping your mobile into the toilet
This is yet another common one. Let’s be honest, many of us are guilty of bringing our phone to the loo to squeeze in another game or FB post. Great when passing the time, horrible when you hear it plop into the toilet bowl. Others have stated spills are a big factor when they wreck their phones. It’s nice that they are starting to come out with waterproof phones, but remember, you can also purchase a waterproof case, like an Otterbox if your phone is not waterproof.
Throwing it in anger or excitement
Note that it is common to break a phone watching sports, or at a sporting event. In fact, it seems to be a huge issue with many individuals. You get so into your team when you are viewing the sport, you can’t help but throw something when they lose or mess up, so you grab the nearest thing—and it happens to be your phone. And guess what? You throw it anyway.
It falls off a bar or a table
Another common occurrence reported is watching your phone fall of a bar or a table, and the owner of the phone simply allows it to fall. Sometimes, though, it may be hit and slide off.
Sitting on it
Modern phones are quite slim these days, and while this can be handy in terms of fitting them into pockets of skinny jeans, it can be quite easy to forget as you casually sit down on a bench.


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