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iphone battery replacement servicesAvoid the wait time (and high prices) that sending your iPhone to the manufacturer for battery replacement involves. Fone Fix can replace your iPhone battery in under 20 minutes. Get the power back on one coffee break.For advice, a quote or to book your iPhone’s Battery Replacement, call us now, or visit Fone Fix in-store in Sydney.

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iPhone Battery Replacement Service Sydney:

Get the battery replacement services you need to keep your iPhone going.

Do I Only Need a New Battery?

When you will generally only require a new iPhone battery: If your iPhone battery is slow to charge, indicates only a short battery-life availability soon after charging, or the power only lasts a very short time after a full-charge.

When you will usually only require a new iPhone battery but may require other iPhone repair services also: If your iPhone battery does not charge full-stop then you will usually only require a battery replacement. However, our diagnostic process may occasionally also uncover issues with your iPhone’s charging port, your iPhone charger and/or USB cord or other aspects of your iPhone’s hardware – if so we will let you know after examining your iPhone.

Please bring your charger/ usb cord with you when you come in to your Fone Fix repair store.

iPhone Battery Replacement Price List:

Repair Required
iPhone 4
Battery Replacement
iPhone 4s
Battery Replacement
iPhone 5
Battery Replacement
iPhone 5c
Battery Replacement
iPhone 5s
Battery Replacement
iPhone 6
Battery Replacement
iPhone 6S
Battery Replacement
iPhone 6 Plus
Battery Replacement
iPhone 6S Plus
Battery Replacement

Not all iPhone battery replacement services are the same!

Beware: If you shop around for quotations you may be given misguided information, one for the ‘original’ iPhone Apple battery and another for ‘generic copies’ of iPhone  battery. Don’t be fooled – we guarantee that Apple does not in fact supply parts for their products unless approved as an authorised service centre, in this instance they should be able to provide you with the official certificate documentation issued by Apple and if not, you’re being duped! . All the parts we provide you with are manufactured to the highest quality possible, installed by expert technicians and we only replace what is needed. Most devices that come to us that have had previous repairs done elsewhere have missing screws, panels and various other micro components that are vital to ensure your device functions as it should. Our motto is, if it’s worth doing, ,make sure it’s done right!

Why choose Fone Fix for your iPhone battery replacement in Sydney? Our Promises To You:

We’ve been providing battery and screen replacement services to Sydney since 1993, so we know what you’re looking for in our services. Trust the longest serving phone repair company in the city.

  • Trust – Guaranteed

    Deal with Australia’s longest established iphone repair specialists – We’ve been in business since 1993. All our services come with a 3 month warranty (on parts and labour) providing you with back up should issues recur with your iPhone battery.

  • Expertise – Second to None

    Fone Fix staff are highly experienced expert technicians ensuring the best result for you and your iPhone.

  • Price – Unbeaten

    As a rule we offer some of the most competitive prices in the market ensuring you save money.

  • Turn-Around Time – Fast

    You can expect your iPhone back in 20 minutes for a battery replacement service – so you can get back to work or play on your iPhone today.

How can I extend the performance & life of my iPhone battery?

Charging your iPhone Battery: Only charge your battery when it is nearly empty.

Check and Remove any App Bloat you have running every 3-6 months (or more if you are a compulsive downloader) : Think twice about downloading every old app going – some apps are very battery intensive. If you have been guilty of zealous downloading in the past, or even if you simply want to seek better battery performance from your iPhone in general, then it is worth reviewing all the apps that are silently running in the background on your iPhone. Remove or disable those that you do not use regularly. And turn off app notifications for those you retain.

Turn Vibrate Off: The Vibrate notification function is extremely battery intensive, best to switch it off.

Keep your iPhone Cool: Yes, a major part of the attraction of living in Sydney, and for that matter Australia, is the balmy weather. Your iPhone battery however does not get in a surf’s up mood on hot days. Batteries and heat are not good friends. Keep your iPhone out of direct sun and if it feels very hot during charging or use remove any cover you have on it.

iPhone Display Settings: Use the minimum screen brightness and time to auto-lock the screen as is feasible for you.

For further detailed tips on iPhone battery maximal performance we recommend this article.