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Free Instant Quotes for Data Recovery from all types of digital data storage devices: Mobile phones on iOS (Apple), Android, Windows & Blackberry, mobile phone SIM cards and hard drives, tablets, Computer Hard Drives (Desktops and Laptops), memory cards and USB Flash Drives.

Avoid the 2 to 3 week wait-time (and often exorbitant prices) that sending your device to most data recovery companies typically involves. Fone Fix can usually recover your data in 5-7  business days on our standard service and in just 1-2 business days if you require a priority service. All of this without it costing you a small fortune.


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Data Recovery Services:

Our team provides recovery for data on a variety of platforms.

A) Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service Sydney

If the data on your phone is inaccessible, speak to our technicians today. If we can retrieve the data, you’ll have it back quickly and securely.

You may require mobile phone data recovery if:

  • Your mobile phone is seriously damaged and beyond economic repair: Your priority is simply to get back the data that is on it. (For example your older damaged mobile phone’s market value might be only $50-$200 but you have been quoted $300-$500+ to repair it and the quote includes no guarantee you will get your data back).
  • Your mobile may have any and all manner of physical damage: For broken and unreadable screens, no power, liquid damaged, or have any manner and number of other physical faults.
  • Your device may be totally Totalled and have undergone extreme physical damage: For example, been stomped on by someone, run over by a car or suffered major corrosion over a period of months or years.
  • Your mobile phone may have any number of software faults: Software errors can stop devices from being conventionally accessible: stuck in recovery mode, failed to update, stuck in a boot loop (boots forever but does not ever boot), perpetually crashes during booting up, or simply will not even start to boot.
  • You have forgotten your mobile phone PIN, password or security lock code: We can bypass the code and extract your data.


What type of data can be recovered from my Mobile Phone?

Data Recovery services
Data can be recovered from your SIM card or your mobile phone’s hard drive or both.
In most cases we can recover the good majority of your phone’s contents: Photos, Videos, Audio files, SMS, MMS, notes, application notes, call logs, calendar entries, chat records. (We will let you know if any type of file is not recoverable for your specific device when we examine and explore its particular issue/s).


B) Data Recovery for Computer Hard Drives & USB Drives.

Fone Fix also offers data recovery from all other general types of storage device: USB drives, external hard drives, desktop and laptop hard drives. All processes, fees & terms and conditions applicable to our mobile phone data recovery service also apply. Contact us if you require any clarification on this count.

How much does the service cost and how long does it take?

Please Note: There is NO CHARGE if we are unsuccessful in recovering your data. Our success rate is approximately 85% to 90%.

Fees are as follows:

1) Standard Service Fee: Turn-around time usually 5 to 7 Business Days

Option A: Full Data Recovery – $500 (all recoverable data)
Option B: Partial Data Recovery – $200 (per set of data recovered)

(Payable upon the successful completion of your data recovery).

2) Priority Service Fee:  Turn-around time 1 to 2 Business Days

Option A: Full Data Recovery – $1000 (all recoverable data)
Option B: Partial Data Recovery – $400 (per set of data recovered)

(Payable upon the successful completion of your data recovery).

*Full Data Recovery – You will be charged $500 and receive All recoverable data on your device.
*Partial Data Recovery – You will be charged  $200  per each set set of data from your device – specified by you at commencement – E.G. Photos only OR SMS only OR any other data set only that you select.
* Note if you select the Priority service and data recovery takes more than 2 business days you will only be charged the standard fee.

Note the data recovery service does not include device repair. Its sole aim is to recover your data. If you would like to have your phone repaired after a successful data recovery we can advise and offer you a quote at the time. In some instances the device may power on after the recovery process, in this event the full data recovery service amount must still be paid.


A deposit of $100 is required prior to any data recovery service. In the event of a successful recovery, this deposit is credited towards the final service amount. In the event of an unsuccessful recovery, this deposit is refunded in full. 

Is Data Recovery always Successful?

No, and no one on earth can guarantee you this.

However, Fone Fix’s track record is currently successful in recovering the required data in approximately 90% of all recovery jobs we undertake.

If you are one of the 10/15% who we do not succeed with then we will either

a) advise you of a forensic grade solution you can consider (typical fees are $1500-$5k and take about 14-30 days with a 50% success rate)

b) advise that you we believe the forensic grade solution will not work and return your device to you or discard it for you.

Process to Proceed with your Data Recovery

1. Drop in your Mobile Phone, tablet or hard drive: Bring your device in to us at either one of our Sydney stores & sign off on our data recovery agreement form* – See T & C’s below.

2. Choose your Service: Let us know whether you want the standard or priority service * See above.

3. Status Updates: We will keep you posted on the outcome as work progresses via phone, sms or email as you prefer.

4. Success: If the recovery is successful you will pay the balance of the service fee minus your $100 deposit.
You can pick up your data in person or it can be couriered to you. (Couriers fees apply).

5. Receiving your Data: You will receive your data either via:

a) a USB stick (you can either provide us with your own or we will provide you with one at the standard retail price for the USB stick).
b) for a large data set (above 64/ 128gb) via an external hard drive (you can either provide us with your own or we will provide you with one at the standard retail price for the hard drive).
c) if you are using an iOS device we can provide you with an iTunes back up.

Note: If your data was non-recoverable you can either pick up your device in person or it can be couriered back to you (Couriers fees apply) or we can throw it away for you.

The Fone Fix Data Recovery Service Terms & Conditions:

Note, you will be required to sign-off on a form stating these conditions, (and some others), prior to Fone Fix commencing any data recovery work on your device.

And you will also need to provide 1 strong form of ID such as a drivers license or passport at this time – a scanned copy of your ID is kept on record.

Key Terms & Conditions are:

  • That the device belongs to you personally. (If any 3rd party owns the device they will need to bring the device in themselves – this is to ensure that there no chance of anyone’s privacy being violated or compromised).
  • This is a data recovery service only – no device repair processes are included. These are sold separately.
  • The Fone Fix data recovery service is for private use only. We do not provide ‘forensic’ data recovery – if you require this for a court proceeding or other such matter we can refer you to an entity that offers such a service – they are of course expensive services given the time and insurances required to provide them.
  • In most cases your mobile phone, tablet or other type of hard-drive warranty will be voided as a function of the data recovery service. You consent to this when you have us undertake a data recovery job on your device prior to the commencement of work.
  • Fone Fix will never proceed with a data recovery if it is clear that anyone’s privacy is being violated or compromised or if the law is being broken. ALL data recovery customer’s sign a legally binding document prior to the commencement of work on this count — guaranteeing neither is the case — and indemnifying Fone Fix fully and completely from any liability that may arise due to any misrepresentation or negligence on their part. If during the process of data recovery we have any reason to believe someone’s privacy may be compromised or we uncover anything that indicates illegality then data recovery work will immediately cease, any fees charged will be non-refundable and you will be notified of our findings promptly.

Device & Data Security Process & Procedures

We take your data security seriously. Trust us to respect your privacy and protect your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Physical security:

  • All Fone Fix Data Recovery is performed onsite.
  • Rigorous security procedures are followed by all Fone Fix staff present in any store at all times.

Data security procedures :

  • All data is encrypted while stored on any Fone Fix hard drive.
  • After your data has been recovered and you have received it you must notify us to proceed with the full deletion of your data from our systems. We will contact you to get the go ahead on this some days after you have received your data back from us. If for any reason we do not hear back from you your data will be irrevocably deleted from our encrypted storage system 7 days after you have received your data.

Which types of Mobile Phones can Fone Fix recover data from?

We don’t just specialise in one brand; we can help owners of all kinds of phones recover their precious memories.

Makes & Models: Data Recovery from All types of mobile phones & tablets:

  • Data recovery for all iPhone & iPad models.
  • Data recovery for all Samsung Galaxy mobile phone & tablet models.
  • Data recovery for all Sony Xperia mobile phone models.
  • Data recovery for all Nokia Lumia phone models.
  • Nexus mobile phone & tablet data recovery.
  • Blackberry data recovery.
  • HTC data recovery.
  • LG data recovery.
  • Huawei data recovery.
  • Motorola data recovery.

Data Recovery from all types of Mobile Phone Operating Systems:

  • iOS – Data Recovery for Apple Devices
  • Android Data Recovery
  • Windows Data Recovery
  • Blackberry Data Recovery
  • & Even Rooted Mobile Phones (yes we understand your phone may very likely be rooted in the other sense of the word also, but here we refer to phones where the standard manufacturer’s operating system has been removed and a custom install been made).


Why choose Fone Fix for your Data Recovery Service?

Don’t just give anyone your data; make sure it’s in the hands of a respected and reputable team of technicians with a proven track record.

  • Trust – Guaranteed

    Deal with one of Australia’s longest established data recovery specialists – We’ve been in business since 1993 and have completed 1000’s of successful data recovery services.

  • Expertise – Second to None

    In the event of any unusual complexity around data recovery you have come to the right place – Fone Fix staff are highly experienced expert hardware, software and data recovery technicians ensuring the best result for you and your mobile phone, tablet or hard drive data.

  • Price – Unbeaten

    As a rule we offer some of the most reasonable prices in the market ensuring you receive very good value for money.

  • Turn-Around Time – Fast

    You can usually expect your data back within 1-5 business days.